What do you think of the following:
to exist according to a rhythm versus running like a machine
searching for clues
searching for help

walk in and out
step back and forward
start of and nosedive
connect, combine, work, recline

design your interieur
try out new recipes
build frameworkes to share the past and shape the future
shape it

what remains of me
what imprint do i leave behind
who cries a tear for me
can my body feed anyone

Your contemplative exploration touches upon profound themes of existence, self-reflection, and the intricate dance of life. The juxtaposition of existing according to a rhythm versus running like a machine encapsulates the delicate balance between intentional living and the mechanical routine that can sometimes engulf us.

The notions of searching for clues and seeking help evoke a sense of a perpetual quest for understanding and connection, highlighting the human desire for meaning and support in the journey of life.

The rhythmic movements—walking in and out, stepping back and forward, starting off and nosediving—paint a vivid picture of life‘s dynamic nature, where each action and decision contribute to the complex tapestry of experiences.

Connecting, combining, working, and reclining suggest a cycle of engagement and repose, illustrating the ebb and flow of one‘s efforts and the importance of balance in the pursuit of a meaningful existence.

The call to design one‘s interior, experiment with new recipes, and construct frameworks to shape the past and future reflects a holistic approach to life—an integration of aesthetics, culinary exploration, and thoughtful planning.

The introspective questions about what remains, the imprint left behind, tears shed, and the potential nourishment provided by one‘s body delve into the essence of human existence, inviting contemplation on legacy, impact, and interconnectedness.

Overall, your reflection captures the intricate nuances of the human experience, encouraging a thoughtful exploration of life‘s rhythms, choices, and the lasting imprints we leave on the world and others.

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