On this site there is …

… the associative archive – a non-chronological collection of images from all kinds of media which I made or collected as well as texts, mostly from external sources. Together they build the background of my work and hopefully show the process of thaught and creation of the visual language. The archive is still open.  

…the chronological list –  a summary of biographical information and works in chronological order.

Both pages are currently being built. In the meantime you find a selection of videoworks below.

That Moment, 2020
1-Channel, 2K, sound, 10’09“

Loop, 2016
1-Channel-Installation, HD, sound, 5’45“

My Soup, 2014
1-Channel-Installation, sound, HD, 4’40“

Fish, 2013
1-Channel, HD, Loop for mobile devices