Installation view of „Up“ at Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf, 2021; videoprojection on textile work, dimensions variable, length of video 10 min, no sound

Installation view of „Once again“ at Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf, 2021; videoprojection on table, floor and chairs, dimensions 400 x 600 cm

„Once Again“, 2021, 1 channel, HD, stereo sound

„That Moment“, 2020, HD,
1 channel, stereo sound

„The Positive Third (based on a text by Sören Kierkegaard)“, 2020, HD, 1 channel, no sound

„Loop“, 2016, placed as a projection below the ceiling,
HD, 1 channel, stereo sound

„An Old story“, 2015, HD, 1 channel, stereo sound

Installation view of „My Soup“ at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 2014; videoprojection on table, wall and floor, dimensions 200 x 300 cm, length of video 5 min, stereo sound

„Living Room Cupboard“ is a video sculpture from 2012. It is a work about my grandfather’s past during National Socialism and, above all, how my family dealt with it. It all started when I found old photo albums and documents in my grandmother’s living room cupboard.

The work came out of the cupboard and ended up in the cupboard again. On the way in between, drawings, plans, scripts, video installations, stills, collages and books were created that document the path to the final form in a certain way and are also part of the work. The digitized image collection of 220 photos is to be handed over to a corresponding archive for historical image research.

Part of the work is a large collection of drawings, sketches, video stills, collages and notes that accompanied the development of the work.

The following videos run on the digital photo frame and the TV in the installation. The first is a compilation of digitized photographs from my grandparents‘ albums. The second is the live video image from one of the surveillance cameras in the miniature landscape on the floor of the installation. It shows a group of Wehrmacht soldiers around a campfire. The figures are from the model railroad company „Faller“.

The work also includes the book „Grandpa’s life“. It is a chronological compilation of his official documents, from the birth certificate to the school leaving certificate, the denazification certificate, the retirement certificate, the death certificate and a few more in between.

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