image library

image library

Under the title „The cosmic jest – let the struggle resonate“, an image database was created containing all the images that I have produced and collected in this sense. They are the basis for me to understand my own work.
I see these images as signs that can be read, first on a descriptive and then on a symbolic level. I still want to find out what they can tell together.

control room with lights and switches and buttons
cloud on top of a cloud
a spiral going up
a guided artist; natural elements
two people playing tennis
a spiral between earth and heaven
person playing on a keyboard on the ground

walk in and out
step back and forward
start of and nosedive
connect, combine, work, recline

design your interieur
try out new recipes
build frameworkes to share the past and shape the future
shape it

a person being masked, reading a book; a black screen
containers of text in a circle
an imprint of a body
a woman coming out of a head
a little figure walking into a big woman‘s mouth
a clock ticking to work and a bed
a person being cut out of an image
a house with images of rooms on every floor
a rocket being launched; a figure sitting on a treetrunk
a big container divided into compartments being interconnected

what remains of me
what imprint do i leave behind
who cries a tear for me
can my body feed anyone

a carpet with a large cut-out in the middle
a vase with flexible outline
the silhouette of a girl moving back- and forwards
a curtain with the portrait of a lady
a pattern of stripes going up
a cake buffet

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